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The home of Doom_Dude's mapping projects and other game related stuff.

Work In Progress

I have quite a few map projects on the go and I'm listing here what is what...

Vilecore II

Singleplayer, Doom 2 megawad for any limit removing source port.

In the beginning all I wanted was to fix the original Vilecore maps up... you know spruce em up a bit / make em more interesting. Then I ended up doing much more than I planned. The old maps are now much bigger with new textures, many new secrets, lots of new areas added on.... Also some areas have been deleted and most areas have been made bigger or reshaped or at least changed in some way, especially with more detail. The map order has also been changed a bit. There's many more monsters now and more items, plus additional ammo and stuff for coop play and other things I can't remember right now. So these are the original maps, but they've been ripped apart and changed so much you'd think I made them from scratch.

Stalking Evil

Singleplayer, Doom 2, 10-12 maps for Doom Legacy / GZDoom.

This project includes an updated version of Blood Pentagram (see Doom II section). The project will feature lots of 3d floors (bookcases, fireplaces, shelves, beds, chairs, tables, huge cheesy pentagram, gates...), some fraggle scripting and boom effects.

Constriction Zone

Singleplayer, Doom 2, 15 + maps for any limit removing source port.

Set of small tech maps (think map01 or map02 of Doom 2 or Scythe and the Congestion 1024 project)... this is inspired by those kinds of maps BUT there will be a few mid-sized levels thrown in as well. About 5 maps are finished, some of which were previously made for various reasons and were never released (including a 1024 style map). The plan is to make about 15 levels at least. This number will probably grow but time will tell. This project is something I started in-between editing the Vilecore 2 maps because I needed to work on something fresh to keep my interest in editing alive.

Lair Of The Vile

Singleplayer, Doom 2, 3 maps for any limit removing source port.

This started as a single level that I made in about 3 hours. I've since worked on it a lot more and it has grown to be a 3 level set.

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