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Newdoom Community Project 2

Singleplayer megawad released on April 29 / 2009

After the first NDCP was done I washed my hands of being 'team leader' and at first I was reluctant to participate when others started putting this together. Eventually I did make a map for this project which is Map18: Ominous Core. Like the first NDCP it took  3 years to finally get it all finished. The screenshot below is one I picked from a bunch and is not my work.

 You can downgrab this megawad on idgames archive

13 Years of Doom

Singleplayer level released on December 26 / 2007

I started with the map 10 Years of Doom and then made 11 Years of Doom the following year. Both those maps were made for Doom's birthdays. The 12th birthday I didn't get to make a map. One day I got word from Danimetal and we both agreed it would be interesting to do a 13 Years of Doom as a team project with different authors working on individual letters (the series, if you can call it that features areas inside the words 10 Years Of Doom, etc... with some areas outside the letters just for additional content).My contribution to this wad is within the letter 'D'. Unfortunately we started making 13 Years of Doom on December 17th of 2006 - just after Doom's 13th birthday and it wasn't finished until AFTER Doom's 14th birthday. Heh! The screenshots shown here are not of my work.

 You can downgrab this level off idgames archive.

Newdoom Community Project

Singleplayer megawad released on January 1 / 2006

We started this project on the Newdoom forums after Xtife posted the idea. I took over as project leader when Xtife couldn't do it anymore. It took us 3 years to finish the 32 levels for this megawad. Many members from the Doom community helped with this set of maps, but you can read all about that in the text file. The screenshots posted here are 2 random ones I picked from a bunch and they don't represent my work. The levels I contributed to for the NDCP are Map01: Desecrated Paths and I teamed with DarkFyre on Map25: Bitter Harvest and I started and got help (see txt file) with Map 31: Conglomeration Complex.

You can download the megawad on idgames archive and doom wad station and fourwinds.

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