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                                        Doom II Maps
11 Years Of Doom

Singleplayer level released on February 6 / 2005

I decided to do anouther birthday map for Doom after making the 10 Years Of Doom map for Doom's 10th. For this map I overshot the actual birthday (December 10th / 2004) and released the following month. This one is a UAC tech-ish level with the usual crates, computers and some slime to crawl around in. Like the 10 Years map, I created the level within the words '11 Years Of Doom', plus added a bunch of rooms outside the letters. There are some custom textures in this map with a few remixed Doom textures.

You can download this map on idgames archive and filefront

Underhalls (Remake)

Singleplayer level released on May 20 / 2003

This map is designed for Doom Legacy and requires it to play properly (also works with GZDoom). I began work on a Legacy version of American McGee's Underhalls, with the plan to make it true to the original, while adding a few 3d floors and my own architectural ideas. ;) I emailed American McGee about this redesign from scratch while I was working on it and he was cool enough to say that he was ok with me doing this. Like the original, it's not a big map, but it's pretty fun.

You can download on fourwinds.

Blood Pentagram

Singleplayer level released on September 27 / 2003

This map is designed for Doom Legacy and requires it to play properly (also works with GZDoom). This isn't a large map. Blood Pentagram is my first release using Doom Builder and features some Fraggle Script, a dehacked patch, a couple monster variations and some 3d floors (including tables, benches, beams, fireplace, bookshelf, etc...) This map is now the entry level for my Stalking Evil project (with many tweaks of course) which is still under construction.

 You can download this map on idgames archive and fourwinds.


Deathmatch level released on March 29 / 2001

My first Deathmatch mapping effort. Had lots of fun with the level when I ran it on a ZDaemon server back in 2001. In early 2009 I took up playing Heretic II online and during the year decided to try editing the game and eventually made a redesign of Templecore for Heretic II. Look for the map in the Heretic II section...

 You can download this DM map on fileplanet and fourwinds


Singleplayer megawad released on December 24 / 2000

Vilecore represents my very first editing project, which got started in early May 1999.. In the beginning I had no intentions of creating a full 32 level megawad and I set out making maps with no plan on what I was doing. I started this project to learn how to design levels and it's very basic in design.

 You can download this megawad on idgames archive and Fourwinds.

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