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January 18, 2019 ~ The Vile Is In The Core II

I resurrected this page today. The few news items from years ago I removed.

In the last three months or so I have been working hard again on my Doom projects. These are the main ones I have in the works that have significan't work done:

Vilecore 1.2: The original megawad I released in 2000 now with a vanilla facelift. Some new textures, title graphics, architectural improvements / better texturing, bug fixes, etc.. This version doesn't change the enemy / things placements much and theres no new areas added. This is more what I think the original should have been had I more experience and a better editor than DoomCad.

Vilecore 2: Originally this was going to be Vilecore's facelift but so much changed. This set of maps takes you back to the same planet but many years in the future. The UAC have expanded a lot in 25 years. You will revisit many of the original maps but they're much different with many new areas and secrets. There is also some levels that I decided to leave out so there's completely new maps to explore as well. Currently in the works is the addition of various UDMF features, 3D floors, portals, slopes, new monsters, etc.... So yeah it's not going to be a vanilla megawad.

Constriction Zone: A megawad made up of smaller levels. It's so much easier to build these smaller maps. This one is also an UDMF project.

Dark Bastion: A single map that has a Quake 1 theme. This one is a Doom in Hexen format level. It started as an experiment before I got to checking out UDMF. It has 3d floors, slopes, dynamic lights and decorate monsters and a few custom textures. This is the first map where I figured out how to get 3d floors to move... I will release this within a month I think.

25in2018: I'm always late releasing stuff. This one is in celebration of Doom's 25th birthday. I missed the bday in question.. A single UDMF map set in a UAC tech base that has been messing with portals, so you get to enter some hellish parts. To be finished real soon.

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