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January 01, 2016 ~ Back On Track

I've been neglecting this site again, but the main thing is, work does continue on Vilecore 2. The last hiatus was a long one and most of the work to be done at this point is in the three new maps that replace Morbid Arena, Blood Fountain and Vilecore. The first of the new maps is the new entry level that is being called Terminus 666 (working title) it's a smaller tech base level with lots of Imps. The other two new maps are Deathforge and Bloodfire Bastion. Both of those are medieval-ish with bits of hell.

I'm also working on a Quake-ish themed level that is something of a Doom / Quake hybrid. I just need to do some final touches and release it into the wild. This one is called Dark Bastion. It's for GZDoom (Doom in Hexen format) and features 3D floors, 3D slopes, decorate monsters, custom textures and some 3D floors that move.

Now if I could get the screens I have on Imgur to appear on here. Will have to figure that out later.

August 13 / 2014 ~ Long Time No See

I haven't been on this page in 2 years + and I know I lost interest in Doom, then last year things went from bad to terrible with loved ones getting sick and in the end my dad passed away and it's not easy that's for sure. Don't want to go into details about it tho..

 In the last month or so I started Dooming again. I got some solid work done on Vilecore 2 and also a bit on Constriction Zone. In V2 I did some map changes as map13 (Morbid Arena) got cut from the wad and  was something I had already replaced many many months ago. Then I moved maps 1 through 12 to the 2 to 13  spots and have a new entry map, which will be a smaller level and is about 1/3 done. Some maps got renamed. The olde Barriers level is now Icebound Station. The Bridge at Kazadoom got it's title shortened to Kazadoom Bridge and so on... There was also some map slot swaps so the order is a bit different now.

 I also renamed many textures so that it's easier to find things like doors and crates, which were previously a jumble due to my terrible naming scheme. This took a bit of jiggering. First I rename the texture, then edit the pnames and texture1 lumps with XWE and then do a texture replace in Slade3. A little time consuming but I got quite a few done.

I did some work on Constriction Zone (a group of small maps). I converted the wad to UDMF format using DeVloek's Ultimate Doom Map Format Converter 1.2.2, which worked great. Then I made the third map and added a few decorate monsters using Realm667's repository. Then I went back to Vilecore 2 and have gotten a lot of work done on some of the newer areas that were still pretty bare. Things are looking pretty damned good.

Here is a screenshot or two from Vilecore II.

April 12 / 2012 ~ Dark Bastion Gets Converted To GZDoom

Besides continuing work on Vilecore 2...

Recently I converted a Doom Legacy map I started back in 2007 to GZDoom which I'm calling Dark Bastion. The level has something of a Quake kinda theme going on, using mostly custom textures, 3d floors and now slopes. I wanted the map to be in ZDoom's 'Doom in Hexen format' so I ran it through ZWADCONV. I had to reassign the linetypes for all the 3d floors (the Legacy 3d floor linetype doesn't convert to the Zdoom one) and then had to reapply the tag numbers, which didn't take all that long considering there was about 90 of them. I did spend more time on the level adding some more 3d floors, some slopes and a couple decorate monsters, plus edited a few more textures for it. You can view a screenshot here and another here.

Since I converted that map I decided to run my Stalking Evil / Doom Legacy project through ZWADCONV and converted it as well. That one is about 12 maps, all of which are unfinished and need much work, which I plan to continue after Vilecore 2 gets done. 

March 26 / 2012 ~ Vilecore 2 Progress Continues

Yup, another year has gone by and I dunno where the time went, but the good news is that I'm working steady on Vilecore 2 again and making good progress. I still can't say when it'll be finished and won't until I'm actually done... heh. I still have lots I want to do on it. I currently worked on map03 and went over the whole map and eliminated a lot of doors near the start, which opened up the gameplay. I'm now in map04, which was called 'Barriers' in the first Vilecore and it's now called something else. Anyhow I removed some barriers, especially from the start and now you have different ways to proceed to the first key. Progress continues... will try to update on here more often. 

March 15 / 2011 ~ Where Does A Year Go?

Over a year has passed since I put up this Webs site thinghy and then totally failed at keeping it updated. I finally dug up my password and got back on here to post. The past year has been very slack on the editing front, but I recently got back into DooM mapping and have worked a lot on my main project, Vilecore 2 (see info on Vilecore 2 on my WIP page). The megawad was certainly neglected a bit during 2010 but I do plan on getting lots done this year and have been working on maps 18 to 20 with gameplay tweaks and changes to architecture.

As for my Heretic 2 stuff... I grabbed all my maps off my olde comp and have to sort that all out sometime. I mainly just have 4 or 5 maps that need to be zipped n stuff, then uploaded. Dunno when I'll get to that and I doubt anybody cares all that much, since the MP game is a bit dead, unfortunately.

That's all I got to say for now. I'm back in production. Laters!

February 22 / 2010 ~ Picking At The Core

I'm alive!

Last Year I didn't get a lot done on Vilecore 2 but that's the way it goes I guess. Now I feel like getting some substantial work done this year and hopefully finish this project. Since I last updated this page I've played through the first 10 maps and made quite a few adjustments and fixes. So I am working on it again, thankfully.

February 2 / 2010 ~ New Site Created

Hello everybody and welcome to The Megawad Outpost. It's been about a year since I last posted on my old site, The Megawad, which was hosted on Newdoom. Things change however and that site has been gone for months now. So here it is 2010 already and I've decided to try this place out. Overall I like it so far, just have to put up with a ugly advertisement jobby.

It'll take awhile to get the pages all sorted and link up to my various maps, so everything is under construction for now.

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